Quality defines school

> tested and proven in practice
We speak from over 20 years of experience, which guarantees effective and efficient language training.

> informative and instructive
We don’t sell off-the-shelf concepts. In terms of content, method and structure, we only provide language training custom-made to your specific needs.

> sociable
We specialize in English, Spanish, French, and German, at the same time making good use of our connections when there is a need to find qualified trainers for other languages.

> flexible
We are flexible in adjusting to your current level of proficiency and otherwise accommodating your needs in terms of time, place and rotation of training sessions.

> competitive
We take into consideration your personal objectives and offer individual solutions tailored to your budget. No additional charges involved for on-site training within the Erlangen urban area.

> motivating
We place high value on constructive co-operation and communication -- intensive interaction along with honing your language skills in a relaxed atmosphere ensures faster progress.