Quality instead of quantity

You won’t be handed any off-the-shelf, textbook boredom here. Each didactic concept we employ is as unique as the goals of our corporate clients and the proficiency level of the participants. In order to be able to provide the most precise solution to your needs, we invite you to an assessment test and/or a casual small talk in the respective language. Neither of which should be seen as formal “examination”. The language proficiency analysis is solely used to determine the most suitable training material and help us give you the best recommendations in terms of efficiency and sustainability of the learning process. You alone determine the frequency, length, and rotation of the lessons, as well as the appointments for the respective in-house training sessions. In any case, we provide support with a mix of proven and up-to-date methods as well as training resources adjusted to your specific needs. In a nutshell, we’re there for your heart and soul.